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Submissions for Fall 2016 are open. The deadline is 11:59 PM on Saturday, Nov 5th.

Before you submit, please read our submission guidelines

Submission Instructions

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  4. You should receive a confirmation email in less than ten minutes. If you don't, contact us.

A little more information...

New Forum is dedicated to providing a space for undergraduate writers to publish their work and get feedback from other students.

Each quarter, New Forum publishes a small journal featuring short stories, poems, etc. written by undergraduate writers and selected by our editorial board.

In general, we want to put as few limitations as possible on writers submitting their work -- we want quality writing in whatever form it takes.

Towards the end of the quarter, we will hold a publication party and open mic. First, writers published in the current issue will be invited to read and discuss their work. Then, the floor is opened to everyone who can read their own work or offer insight on what they've heard.

Troubleshooting Update

Some people have reported problems submitting their work, especially problems logging in. I will try to post solutions to common problems here. If you're unable to log in, try submitting your work from a campus computer. More updates soon. (Since the deadline was extended, no one should have been prevented from submitting yet).
Some things to try...

  • Do you have cookies enabled? You will need cookies enabled to log in.
  • If all else fails, you should be able to log in from a campus computer
  • If even the campus computer idea fails, email Justin @ with a description of your problem, what you have tried to make it work, and how to reproduce the error. We will try our best to help you get us your submission. Please, email as a last resort only.