Editorial Board 2019

Celyn Matienzo:

Celyn Matienzo is a third-year English major who hails from hot deserts occasionally plagued by musicians and their following of festival goers. Leading a semi-nomadic lifestyle with her belongings scattered and stored in at least three different cities, she has a knack for disappearing without warning for days on end. When faced with responsibility, her voice rises half an octave in pitch and she consumes unbelievable amounts of caffeine to compensate. Two things she is currently working on: goodbyes and conclusions.

Aya Labanieh:
Associate Editor

Aya Labanieh is a second year Cognitive Psychology and Comparative Literature double-major, as well as a Philosophy and French Language double-minor. She would most definitely earn a bachelors in every possible major provided by her educational institution if not for the many duties and responsibilities that come with her magnanimous career as Hades, God of the Underworld. When she is not trying to woo her professors, Aya spends her days in the fashion of all Byronic heroes: brooding in half-deserted streets, wading waist-deep in weltschmerz, and referring to all worldly occupations of this life as utterly blasť.

Isis Huang:
Associate Editor

Isis Huang is a fourth-year undergraduate English major pursuing the Creative Writing Emphasis in poetry, although she also likes to explore the less stylized dialect of prose. She once waited outside a Hollywood cemetery to watch a movie featuring David Bowie. When her friends started a game in which each person passed around a notepad and wrote one line that successively completed a story, she was the one who created the opening scene of a goldfish inside a sushi restaurant. She will leave the ending to your imagination.

Monica Shaar:
Associate Editor

Monica Shaar is a fourth-year English major with a Creative Writing emphasis in Fiction. Her daily activities include stressing out about consequential and inconsequential situations equally, writing dramatic stories as undramatic as possible, and dancing like she thinks she can. Though she lives in sunny Southern California, she does not enjoy long walks on the beach, but does partake in a luxurious bubble bath on occasion.

Rachael Heinsen:
Associate Editor

Rachael Heinsen is a coffee-dependent third year English major. In between chasing her passions for close reading, critical theory, and Netflix, you can probably find her and her ghostly pallor relaxing at the beach. Lengthy naps and chocolate indulgences sustain her through planning her wedding to Captain America. She hopes to be Dr. Heinsen one day.

Victoria Gilleland-Hendersen:
Associate Editor

Victoria Gilleland-Hendersen, perhaps better known by her pen name Victoria Rize, is a third-year Film & Media Studies major who happens to be a participant of the Creative Writing Emphasis in Poetry & Fiction. A generally spiteful hag, she dabbled in necromancy, but found it didn't suit her. Now she spends most of her time moonlighting as the village witch, writing novels & short stories, and speaking to her familiar Dmitri in French and Russian while they practice black magic together. Her wrath can only be soothed by nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough.The village is in general agreement that she should be locked up, but no one is quite sure how to go about it.

Justin M. Standard:
Technology Ninja

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a bright-eyed-bushy-tailed young writer sent his poem in to The New Forum. What followed was a love story. A never ending love story. A love story that would not die. After building the NF website from the ground up using only rudimentary intro-to-computer-science skillz and a piece of chewing gum, this editor-in-chief-of-chirstmas-past has dutifully maintained New Forum's ramshakle electronic submission system for over 10 years. So if anything breaks, don't blame the hard-working student editors. Blame him. Er... Me.